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Studying to be a Psychic

Psychic abilities are an innate skill that we are all born with. Some people are born with innately strong psychic abilities and can develop their skills individually. Others need more help to focus their abilities and learn how to harness them appropriately.

This article will show you some tests you can take to measure the current strength of your psychic abilities, suggest some practices to strengthen your abilities, and provide information about some of the schools and colleges that provide in depth training on developing psychic skills.

Testing your Psychic Abilities

If you are looking to explore your psychic abilities and determine your strength and affinities, there are a few tests you can conduct yourself.

The first, knows as ‘the colour wheel’ is an ESP test. The test uses a wheel which displays 10 different colours. The computer has chosen one of thee colours, and it is your task to ‘sense’ which has been chosen. You have 3 minutes to complete 10 predictions.

The second test uses a set of Zener Cards, which are a set of 5 cards, each with a distinctive symbol. Install a Zener card programme on your computer and again the computer will randomly select one of the cards and you must divine which card it has selected.

Nurture your Abilities

If you would like to improve the strength of your psychic abilities, there are a few things you can do to nurture this part of yourself.

  • Begin a regular meditation practice – helping yourself tune out the noise and distraction of day to day life will improve your ability to hear your inner intuition.

  • Practice psychometry – like weightlifting for your psychic abilities, this is a fun way to practice your abilities. Simply hold an object in your hand (preferable something that has a history) and then focus your intuitive sense on the object and see what you can sense about the owner of the object.

  • Journaling – journaling is another way to give yourself space to listen to your inner voice. The important thing is not to think too much about what you are writing and simply let the words flow.

  • Focus on your third eye – otherwise known as the pineal gland. This is situated in the mid region of the brain level with the place on your forehead just above and between your eyebrows, where we think of our third eye as sitting. This gland is much larger in children than adults and may explain why most people lose their spiritual awareness as they age. In order to exercise this gland, focus your attention on the area of your third eye and imagine it opening. You may even feel a tingling in the area

Psychic Colleges

If you are thinking you want to explore your abilities more deeply, here are some of the schools dedicated to psychic training in the English speaking world.

United States

Famous psychic Edgar Cayce assisted in the founding of two psychic colleges in the United States. The Association for Research and Enlightenment was established in 1931 to help students develop their psychic ability and research topics such as spirituality, dreams and reincarnation. Cayce also helped found Atlantic University, which is an accredited graduate-level institution.

The Berkeley Psychic Institute in California calls itself a ‘psychic kindergarten’ which teaches students ow to recognise and develop their psychic ability.

The Clairvoyant Centre in Hawaii is a non-profit sanctuary and school for spiritual seekers. They offer curses on meditation, clairvoyant training courses and workshops, as well as readings and healings. They describe it as a place to come and play and open your third eye.

United Kingdom

The College of Psychic Studies in London was founded in 1884 by a group of then eminent scholars and scientists for the purpose of investigating psychic and medium phenomenon. The College has had many esteemed alumni, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle served as College President in 1925. The college is still offering courses today in areas such as Angel Energy and Anatomy and Physiology for spiritual healers.

Called ‘Spook Hall’ by the locals, the Arthur Findlay College was founded in 1964 by Arthur Finlay in cooperation with the Spiritualists’ Nation Union UK. The college is residential, allowing students to live on site while developing their psychic, spiritual or religious practice. Course, lectures and demonstrations are all offered by leading exponents.


The Chiara (meaning light and clarity) College of Metaphysics was created in 1995 and adheres to the principal of universal law – love and truth. The college focusses on experiential learning to enable students to better know themselves as they believe that inner wisdom is the ability to spiritual development and develop psychic ability.

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