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Psychic Readings with Psychic Renee September 14th

Speak with Psychic Practitioner Journey Ryan about everything metaphysical. Journey Ryan is a world-renowned psychic who has been doing readings all of his life. In the last 15 year's he has started to share his gift with more of the outside world. By doing so he has been able to help those in need of answers. Along, his path he has come across many wonderful psychic, healer's, and mediums. With all of those answers at the tip of his fingers, he created My Psychic Connection. A place where you could get your answers without judgment in the privacy of your own home. Journey wanted to help as many people as he could by doing this. Journey Ryan has made it possible to put them together in one place. On today's show.

Psychic Renee,

I want to tell you a story. I want to stir you. I want to move you. I want to intoxicate you with my intensity. I want to captivate you with my rapture. I want to put you in a trance with my power. I want to delight & make you uncomfortable, all at the same time. I want to share my fire with you.

to call into the show call @ 914-205-5405 or 818-394-8554

You can also find Psychic Renee @ My Psychic Connection click the link below then click our psychic. Advisors are not employees of My Psychic Connection. My Psychic Connection is for entertainment purposes only. My Psychic Connection does not provide and is not responsible for any content or information that you receive or share through the My Psychic Connection service. You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to use the My Psychic Connection service.

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