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Radio Air Time For Your Business

$10 Dollars get's you a 1-time shout out on the air during 1 of our shows.
$30 Dollars will get you 30 seconds to 1-minute commercial played on the air during 1 of our shows.
$100 Dollars will get your commercial played all week long on our show and shout out all week as well.
Send us an email at:


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Do you have a writers voice that you would like to get out? Need a place to put those articles? We have started a new magazine and are looking for writers of all kinds to write for the magazine. You can talk about anything you like from sports to the supernatural.

Things were looking for Crafts, Sports, Cooks ( Recipes ), Health Info, Entertainment, Supernatural,



                                                      and much more if you have a writing Idea we have an open page. Send us a message. to


Have a Business want to place it in our magazine? Extra Small Ad $5.00 Small Ad $15.00 Med Ad $25 Large Ad $35.00

full Page ad is $50.00


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