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My Press Marketing

is a web business helping you get your ideas out there? If it's marketing or advertising, we will even build your website. We work with many companies to help you grow your business to give you what it is you need. If you can think we can find a way to make it happen. If you don't see what you want on the site just ask and we can put anything you like together just ask. We work for you 100%.

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising your business isn't always easy. That is why you leave that up to us. We will get your name out there so many can enjoy what you have to offer. With our marketing, we make sure we study what you have an offer and put you in the right markets to give you the best chance to be seen.

We build websites from real estate, shopping sites, and much more. if you have an idea for a website? We can make it happen for you. The thing is with us we don't just build the site for you, we do the marketing and advertising as well. It's all a part of our package.

Pay 4 a Call 

This service helps you will pay-services. This will give your clients the chance to pay their bills on the phone. This way they don't have to get online to pay for their services.  They can call your phone number to the business and pay with a credit card by phone.



Do you have a new website or have had one built by My Press Marketing? Do you need reviews to show the people what to expect from your product or website? We can provide that for you. Get a consultation with us and we will see what we can do for you and your business!


Article Writers

Do you need content for you your website? Do you need content for your social media? We can provide that for you to give us the topic of what you want and we will write it. There is no topic that can't be explored. 


Producer/ Agent

Looking to get yourself out there but have no agent? Have the talent but not the right channels to go through? We can help you with that. Sign up and let talk about you and get you started.



If you have a website or business you would like to get out there we can help you. We can create radio commercials for you and help you get them out there for all to hear. If you would like to start a radio show we can get you heard.



Need a commercial that you can use anywhere you like. We can build one for you for your product. The video will be of HD quality. Made with your product and logo.  




Journey Ryan
Journey Ryan

Founder & CEO

Sara Fischer

Head of Marketing

Tom Portman

Head of Advertising


My Press Marketing
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 Advertising & Marketing


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If you have a question please ask. We are here to help. Please give us time to read and respond to your question.  We will answer any questions you may have... 

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